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Please read the instructions below very carefully before requesting for a feature.

Only after carefully reviewing each feature in the ideas bucket, we will consider developing. Just by sharing your idea doesn’t mean it’s being worked on unless it’s specified. Just getting the highest number of likes or comments on an idea also doesn’t mean that it’s for sure going to be developed. We have our own metrics and criteria for any new idea or feature to be selected for development. 


You must first check to make sure the feature you want to request is unique. If you submit a duplicate idea request it will be deleted without any notice. Creating a duplicate doesn’t mean it will get more attention. Instead, it will be simply deleted along with all the votes that have been collected. So, use the feature request tool wisely by up voting on the feature request that already exists and only creates a new one if it doesn’t already exist.

Every idea post must have a descriptive title with a detailed explanation. Adding screenshots is recommended but not required.

I agree to the above terms and conditions by clicking this button to request a feature.


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