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To learn more about all the supported and non-supported plugins for ListingProWP GO HERE.
ListingPro was built as an end-to-end solution from scratch so our users don’t have to use third-party plugins for core directory features. So we only support the 3rd party plugins that are mentioned here. But we do support shortcodes, so you can use any plugin that supports shortcodes, as long as you understand that NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE FOR THIRD-PARTY (3rd-party) plugins that are officially not supported. Some plugins may require custom integration.
A lot of the plugins may give you a shortcode, a widget option or even add-ons for WPBakery Page builder (Formerly Visual Composer). In such cases, you’ll be able to use the plugin.

For settings and specific functions to be applied with ListingPro Core which isn’t fully compatible you can request for customization service.