Is the design customizable?

ListingPro gives you a lot of options to customize it out-of-the-box as per your brand and styling. You get three different pre-built design layouts, further, you can change the colors, fonts, header styles, search banner styles, grid style, footer, listings submission form, etc with just a few clicks from Theme Options. It lets you go even beyond by making it compatible with WP Bakery (Formerly known as Visual Composer) drag-&-drop page builder. It includes 20+ exclusively designed custom elements. Additionally, it allows you further customization of business listing details page using a built-in drag-&-drop layout manage. For more info, read this. (Also Visual layout Customizer is coming soon, which will offer much more flexibility on customization, learn more.)

Can I bulk import listings?

Yes, you can import bulk data into ListingPro with WP All Import plugin. ListingPro comes with a free add-on that makes ListingPro compatible WP All Import. Please be advised that you may run into challenges importing if you are using WP ALL Import first time and the import file is not properly setup. For more info read How to import bulk listings?


Does this come with a booking system?

Currently, there is NO FREE Booking System available. But we did integrate with two PREMIUM Booking Systems for business owners who are already using TimeKit and Resurva.

Here’s the demo to show how the booking system works with both.

The current integration is designed in such a way that the Business Listing owner configures and manages the booking from business owner dashboard. The directory site admin doesn’t get involved in the booking process nor can monetize from any bookings.

To know more about the advantage of each: simply click here for pricing for Resurva & TimeKit.

NOTE: DOES NOT OFFER A FREE PACKAGE ANYMORE. The free package was available when we first integrated.