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How to import Live-Demo content?

To import complete content as per the live demo, you may find Live-demo-Content.zip file included in the complete package downloaded from ThemeForest. You can import using the default import feature under Tools > Import and make sure WordPress feature is installed. IMPORT USING DEFAULT WORDPRESS IMPORTER STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > […]

How to Bulk Import Listings with WP All Import (CSV)?

PART 1: INSTALLATION STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Search for WP All Import, and click . STEP 4: Click  STEP 5: Go to > STEP 6: Click  STEP 7: Click on , and upload listingpro-Bulk-import-addon.zip. STEP 8: Click  STEP 9: Click  PART 2: IMPORTING LISTINGS (CSV) STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. […]

How to fix 404 error after theme installation?

The following topics are covered in this knowledge base article. Set the HOME page Set the Permalinks Set page URLs in Theme Options   PART 1. Set the HOME page STEP 1:  Go to  >  STEP 2:  Select Home from Frontpage drop-down. STEP 3:  Click PART 2. Set the Permalinks STEP 1:  Go to  >  […]

How to activate license for ListingPro theme?

STEP 1: Login to ThemeForest. STEP 2: Go to page. STEP 3: Click button next to ListingPro, and select . STEP 4: Open the license.txt or license.pdf file and copy the Item Purchase Code. STEP 5:  Go to ListingPro CC > License STEP 6: Insert the Item Purchase Key, and select Instance Mode STEP 7: Click    

What are the server requirements to install ListingPro?

We highly recommend verifying following on your host. For help contact your hosting company. Application Minimum Recommended WordPress 4.5 4.8 or latest PHP 5.6 7.0 (Stable Only) MySQL 5.6 (For legacy 4.5.x will work) NA   PHP Configuration Limits: Application Minimum Recommended max_execution_time 300 NA memory_limit 512M 1024M post_max_size 100M 200M upload_max_filesize  120M  NA   […]

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