Home Home Post-Sale FAQ Support How to create a support ticket for ListingPro?

STEP 1:  Go to help.listingprowp.com

We highly recommend you to log in with Envato as it will save time and avoid having to manually register and verify the purchase code.

STEP 2:  Click Envato Login

At first time login you will be prompted to click Approve in order to authorize fastpluginlogin to connect with your account.

STEP 3: Click Approve to get started.

STEP 4: First step: NEXT 

If the product is not listed to select but you do have the item purchase code then enter the code and click Add Purchase

STEP 4: Click Next

STEP 5:  Fill out the form with details along with screenshots.

STEP 6: Click Next

STEP 7: Complete the extra information fields as it will expedite to help you resolve the issue.

STEP 8: Click Create Ticket