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Is Jetpack plugin is installed and active? If yes, disable Jetpack and test again. In most cases, this should resolve your issue.

Clear cache or disable any cache plugin before testing. If the problem persists open a support ticket.

We don’t recommend or support Jetpack. In the default WordPress System, when you upload an image it resizes the images in several different sizes.

For example, a directory site with 20 Listings will at least have 3 images per listing, which means 60 images, but if you add the multiple resized image which is around 6 per image than the total number will be 360 images. Now if you use Jetpack, all these images will be uploaded to cloud further making things even more complex.

Where as our system does a better job in resizing images, resulting in much fewer images (roughly around 80 images for 20 listings, which is almost 1/5 of what Jetpack creates) and they are all stored locally on your server. This is the recommended method to avoid any issues in long-term.

But if you still want to continue using Jetpack we can provide a fix for you but it’s not 100% guarantee that it will work as expected.