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Whether you’re using ListingPro on server or on localhost, you should follow some steps


1 – WordPress plugins

  • Check if you’ve added any plugin that takes care of caches and logs files while you’re working with your settings. It’s important to understand that every plugin that works with caches, will not save your previous changes. Even pressing the Save Changes Button, some of these changes won’t take effect after the page load.

2 – Server Add-ons

  • Some Servers offers as sort of Add-ons that can help reduce some server’s procedures to ensure scalability, database maintenance, and many others. Check if some of these Add-ons has been activated – e.g. Varnish or Breeze, etc. Disabling these Add-ons will permit you to change your settings and save it.

3 – Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc)

  • Browsers also collect a lot of caches and save it for a period of time. After some changes, your browser will get the previous cached modified settings and the new ones added won’t take effect after refreshing the page. It’s recommended that you clear those caches to see the expected results.
  • In most computer-based web browsers, to open menus used to clear your cache, cookies, and history, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac). If you want to learn more about it, click here.